Embroidery digitizing is the art of converting an image or idea to a machine-readable format.  It is the skill of an embroidery digitizer by which the normal-looking

Embroidery Digitizing-Arizona

logos are transformed into beautiful and lively embroidery patterns. Embroidery design looks better than printing because of the three-dimensional effects associated with its appearance.

With the advent of internet technologies, all the boundary lines are blurred if not erased. Even though our company, AIM Digitizers Inc. is based in Toronto, but most of our clients are in the United States of America. We have satisfied clients in all the states like Massachusetts, Washington, New York, Ohio, Connecticut, Texas, Pennsylvania and California to name a few. Our clients are not just regular clients, we have a special bond with them and all are like family to us. We work round the clock through the year and present them with in-house digitizer like services. We get our maximum business from clients in the New York area, so take proudly call ourselves embroidery digitizing company of New York. We have received so much love and admiration from embroiders in New York, that we have planned to open a new embroidery digitizing office in New York very soon.


We specialize in following types of embroidery digitizing


  • Left or right chest embroidery for shirts and jackets
  • Jacket back embroidery
  • Embroidery on sleeves of shirts or jackets
  • Cap embroidery
  • 3D foam embroidery
  • Appliqué embroidery
  • Embroidery for badge
  • Freestanding lace embroidery
  • Monograms
  • Specialized items like wedding dresses
  • Table cloth embroidery
  • Car seat embroidery


Why choose us for embroidery digitizing

At AIM Digitizers Inc, we pamper our clients who are more like a family with spectacular looking designs every-time within a few hours and all this at jaw-dropping prices. We don’t work for the money alone, your satisfaction and your appreciation is the highest remuneration for us. In these last over 36 years of services, we never had any unsatisfied clients. All the designs we do are well checked before sending so that the client is happy with our digitizing services and the designs run without any breaks on their machine thus maximizing their profits.

These days the internet is filled with names of embroidery digitizing companies, most of them are based in China and use cheap labor to keep the prices down. We offer the designs at the same prices but our quality is a hundred times better than Chinese or Asian embroidery digitizers. Sometimes clients complain that most of them don’t understand what they want and due to time difference and language it is very cumbersome working with them. It is not an easy job to choose your digitizing partner from the sea of options, optically everyone looks good, but after a couple of designs the real men shine out from the boys. We are AIM Digitizers Inc. always work for the best of our clients helping them to maximize their business with minimum investments.

Embroidery Digitizing New YorkWe have a very passionate approach to all our embroidery digitizing orders. Each and every order is done with full zeal and hard work. Our goal is to create immaculate looking designs that run flawlessly on your machines. If you are starting a new embroidery business, then look no further, we will advise you on all the aspects of embroidery business so that you can have a lucrative business. We will guide you through all the embroidery terms and offer the best quality embroidery digitizing services within no time so that your client is impressed and you will get even more business and references.

Please send your designs for free quote and we assure that we will never disappoint you