What is Embroidery Digitizing?

Embroidery Digitizing is the process of converting the normal image to a beautiful looking machine file that is read by the computerized embroidery machine and stitches the design on the fabric. Embroidery digitizing has been around since the advent of electronic embroidery machines. Earlier the embroidery machines were fed with the tape and design was punched on the tape. The word Punching actually comes from the traditional jacquard embroidery machines. The code that tells the machine frame how to move comes from a tape that was punched with holes. These holes were the code or instructions.
Digitizing or punching design is done by the use of embroidery digitizing software and a skillful digitizing artist to interpret that particular design. Internet has been boon for us at AIM Digitizers Inc, earlier we used to digitize for companies near us, now we have our maximum clients in Texas and they all love the work we do for them

Why would I need an embroidery digitizing service?

If you have a home embroidery machine or an embroidery business or thinking about venturing into an embroidery business, you may have envisioned embroidering apparel, caps, uniform, car seats or table-cloths. Embroidering for custom corporate apparel and uniforms is also a big market to capture. This is a very lucrative and comprehensive business option. With the disruptions caused by the COVID-19, now more people will offer their brand on the clothing which is easier to show your presence.
Embroidered corporate gear is very pervasive. In a lot of workplaces, a polo shirt with a logo stitched above the left breast is often worn as an acceptable casual day outfit. Some workplaces even have embroidered logos on their uniforms. Visit any trade show and you’ll see employees working in booths with branded, embroidered gear. Even sports teams and schools often want embroidered items for their organizations.

Why would I want to embroider corporate polo t-shirts?

For the owner of a business that provides embroidery services, this is actually a good type of customer to land. This is because companies generally have bigger budgets than individuals. Also, companies and organizations that want embroidered items will likely need more in the future. So, they represent potential ongoing revenue.
In addition, corporate customers are typically easier to deal with. If you are selling custom embroidered items to individuals, you have likely already encountered the high maintenance mom who has a million requests for the one birthday t-shirt, and of course, needs it right away! These painful customers also tend to be the ones who have issues with the finished product and demand a refund or a fix.
On the other hand, if you get a job to embroider a company’s logo on 100 shirts, once the sample is approved, it’s full steam ahead. And they’re less likely to be a rejection when you deliver the final product. Plus 100 shirts pays A LOT better than 1 lousy birthday t-shirt. AIM Digitizers Inc, can help you make the best quality embroidery with the least stitches that will be lucrative for you.
However, unlike a cute birthday shirt where the design can be bought from a variety of different companies, a logo is custom. It must be provided by the customer and then converted into a format which can be stitched out on an embroidery machine. And, this conversion process is not done with a press of a button. It must be digitized, which is why you would need an embroidery digitizing service.

Why would I want to embroider custom caps?

Embroidery Digitizing 3-D foamCaps in the US are a big source of marketing, most corporate and sports brands offer their beautiful logos on the caps. Since caps are worn on the head, they are the first thing a person looks at and these strikes are big deal with the marketing junta. Caps with branding are the first choice these days as they are worn by all ages and cultures. Caps can also be embroidered with bold 3-dimensional design that further augurs the brand and looks of the caps. Digitizing for caps is also very tricky, we have to use a different embroidery digitizing technique for caps. Generally, all the designs for shirts are digitized from left to right. But for the caps, the designs are digitized from center to out. That helps thread registrations and reduces the puckering of the cap fabric.

We at AIM Digitizers Inc, have over 35 years of experience in embroidery digitizing. We have been making exquisite designs for our clients all over the US for many years. So, please have faith in us and send your designs for free quotes.